Golf Academy


Hawk’s Point Golf Club and Full Swing Golf brought to Hawk’s Point an indoor training facility, the most advanced indoor simulation available.

 Full Swing Golf, along with Swing Catalyst, created the most advanced training simulator on the market.  Hawk’s Point Golf Club has become the first to offer and operate this latest technology.

Lessons or swing analysis will result in a clear understanding and documentation of launch angle, correlation between the launch monitor and video analysis of the swing, carry, distance, spin rate, smash factor, flight, along with an actual balance plate to reflect weight distribution, and weight shifting patterns – all perfectly synchronized with video images via the Swing Catalyst.  Our state-of-the-art system will include flight scope as well as providing exact flight as never seen before.

Along with our indoor state-of-the-art swing simulator, we offer an indoor lesson area using the JCV Video system.  Our new JCV Video camera allows us both indoor and outdoor video documentation clear to the student.

We  also added to our new facility a complete golf club service center.  Any level golfer may now get club bending, custom fitting, repairs, or gripping done promptly.

Hawk’s Point Golf Club’s new training facility is like none other in the area or nearby surrounding areas.  We offer special lesson packages utilizing our state-of-the-art simulator.

We welcome our members and non-members, along with all high school and collegiate golf programs to come let us give you a tour of the finest training facility in the area.